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Please note that, Balance in Hunt Analyser in Youtube Videos DOES NOT INCLUDE creature products price that are based on market!
They are set to 1gp or npc price to show REAL PROFIT or WASTE on spawn you would make incase you can't sell these items on market!

We do not want to misinform you because their price vary from 100g to even 15k for each item.
  • PG - focused on making level.
  • NPCs Profit - sellable loot to npc.
  • Market Based Profit - profit from items depends on your market price and activity.
  • Hardcore - script requiers Tier 3 (3rd Stage) imbuings to handle spawn (might die without them!)
To avoid unnecessary misunderstandings please read REQUIRED QUESTS NEEDED FOR SPAWN ACCESS in script details before purchasing script!
Level Script Type YouTube Version Price Last Update
Level Script Type Youtube Version Price Last Update